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One-a-day nutrient and antioxidant tablets to help maintain healthy eyes and good vision. Recommended by leading UK optometrists. Also suitable for contact lens users. Nutritional care for eyes and vision. Visionace is a comprehensive formula, designed to help maintain eye health  Vitamin B Complex is essential to the maintenance of optic nerve function. The retina contains one of the highest concentrations of zinc, which is necessary for visual pigments, retina and lens. With antioxidant Vitamin C, Natural Vitamin E, plus concentrated Bilberry Extract. These are associated with the health of the retina and lens, which can be damaged over the years by sunlight, smoke, and pollution. Independent Research. The formula is recommended by leading UK Optometrists. Visionace has been independently tested in research published by a UK Department of Vision Sciences. Macula Health. Combined with carotenoids such as Zeaxanthin, these play an important role in maintaining the health of the macula of the eye, responsible for fine vision. One-a-day tablets. Slow dispersing. Gentle on the stomach. Recommended by leading UK optometrists. Visionace has been independently tested in a trial conducted by the Department of Vision Sciences. Visionace is suitable for those wearing contact lenses. This product will not affect the lens prescription required in long and shortsightedness and astigmatism. Can be continued for as long as required.


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